Law of Torm


We are the law of Torm. Those that act with honesty and righteousness. We purge this world of the corrupt, the betrayers, the dishonorable."

The law of torm has existed for over a hundred years. It was first conceived thanks to Luthborn Pursboro. It is said that he was the among the first marked ones and the first to find Torms divine guidance to remove the brand from his neck. His past was initially a mystery, but after many years he was able to reclaim its memory.

Luthborn was a Duke of a province in Faruth. His mother despised him. She hated Luthborn as he was born from her previous abusive lover, a murder of sorts from the slums. In a moment of weakness she committed adultery, and gave birth to him. Luthborn found out in his teens, as his mother cursed him on her deathbed. In spite of this, he was a good hearted child. He did right by his countrymen. He found happiness in the comfort of another and together they bore a child, Addelleigh. Luthborn was happy, but in one night, he was taken, his age of 26.

Luthborn was now in his 30’s. With his memories guiding him, he left back for the city of Faruth where he found his former wife being taken care of by her two children. Only one shared his blood, and they both were in their 40’s.

As cruel as the hands of time were, they led him home. He found comfort in his new family as they accepted him with open arms. The city also welcomed him, his previous status of a Duke was granted to him as it passed down the lineage. His son was okay with handing it over to his long lost father. Luthborn was able to find a home, a country once more. In time he was even able to find companionship of a young woman, Christas. Life began anew, but it despised Luthborn.

One year into their marriage, Christas was taken on the night of the Grey Moon. It’s said that Luthborn held her the whole night, but she magically disappeared from his grasp. Tragedy befell him and into his life came a swelling of anger, powerlessness, doubt, fear. He had no concept of how or why this tragedy would befall him a second time.

Luthborn refused to fall into depravity. He sold his family fortune and he took to monster slaying. In truth, spilling blood was the only way to maintain a feeling of control. He fought many battles and in the process lost his right eye, right leg, and left arm. Clerics healed his wounds but lacked the power to restore his appendages. He lacked the resources to pay for true restoration. He was left a broken, penniless man that spent his life fighting the ill of the world.

In the remainder of his days, he stayed as a member of the church, a man that cleaned the grime. One night he was said to see an angel, and angel of his deity, Torm. He cried as he gazed upon the holy visage. From the bottom of his heart, he smiled as his prayers were answered. The angel however, gave no sign of mercy. Although Luthborn had done right from his time, his father was an abusive murderer from the streets. Luthborn’s deeds could never erase this fact. From the moment he was born, his fate was cast. With the raise of a sword, his life was ended, and his soul bound to the church. He haunted the church for several days, screaming in agony. This continued until his spirit was finally destroyed by an exorcists blade.

Law of Torm

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