The Marked Ones

Session #20
Answers accompanied by more questions

With the creature dead and the dwarf killed, the party found themselves wondering what to do. Searching the room for more clues, they were able to find little that told them more about there current situation. A grotesque book made from unknown material held pages full of illegible script.

Underneath a table there was a large black cauldron with wicker figures showing some resemblance to a humanoid form. Kallista noticed the runes on the cauldron and identified it as a rare magical artifact. With the use of shadowfell fire, they could boil down monsters and obtain their essence. They used a magical torch within the room to boil down part of the buelette they faced earlier and infused it within their magical shield.

Without a clear idea on how to proceed, they decided to try and return to the noble’s area in the center of the town. Trying to navigate through the allies appeard to be pointless however. The streets on which they went through seemed to intertwine and not provide a clear route out of the section of town. Not sure what to do, they decided to enter into one of the buildings nearby. The door appeared locked at first but magical force was applied, they broke down the door.

Inside the building was bare, no furniture or objects within it’s confines. The team broke through another building and found only the same interior, eerily, it seemed to be a replica of the building they were previously in. Tired and frustrated, the group decided to rest within the the empty building.

When morning came, a fog rolled in and with it a lone servant holding a latern. He intruduced himself as Darthan, a servant to the lords of Yythmaratch. He was sent to retrieve the party and escort them to the nobles manor. The party warily agreed and followed.

The party traveled to the center of the town to a guarded keep. They were brought inside and then greated by the lord ruler Saradin, his wife Josephine, and another noble Bardaitle. The nobles themselves completely covered in elegant garb with a porcelain mask covering their face. Kalista and Bardolf sat down to engage in breakfast with the nobles while Joto decided to leave the manor.

Food was brought in for the Tiefling and Furblog, they found it’s taste grotesque in spite of it’s intricate form and design. They were also shocked to find that the nobles already knew the Kallista’s and Bardolfs names and class, however did not know of Joto. Questions were given back and forth between the two groups. Bardolf noticed that Josephine and Bardaitle were overly familiar with each other and noted the behavior. Th

Disturbed by the creature they had fought earlier, the group asked the rulers about what they encountered. Saradin was troubled to hear of the creature and was glad that they were able to dispose of it. He let them know that there was another within the city walls and wished for it to be killed, he would reward the adventurers for their deeds if they chose to help.

Saradin left the room for a short time. Josephine and Bardaitle conversed for a moment while he was out of the room. It became clear to the party that they were displeased with Saradin in some way. Inquiring further, they sensed something deeper was going on. However Saradin returned

Bardolf and Kallista agreed to track down the creature and kill it on recieved an amulet reward. They got up to leave but not before Bardolf slipped Bardaitle a note to meet him out in the hall. Away from Saradin, Bardaitle began to speak more about his displeasure. He told the adventurers that Saradin controlled the city and the creature they were attempting to find would most likely turn them into creatures similar to the rest of the town. He implored the party to kill Saradin as it would end his reign and give power to Josephine where she could dispell the evil Saradin had cast upon the city. The party made no agreements but told them they would decide tomorrow morning at the inn.

The party headed off to meet Joto. He had attempted to sneak around the manor but unfortunately was caught mid way. The party went with Darathan to where the initially found Torso. There they searched again. They also decided to investigate the book with strange symbols they had found earlier. They noticed the odd symbols were from mutiple different languages. They where able to translate a partial amount but nothing that made sense.

They deliberated heavily back and forth on where to proceed next. They also discussed about what they believe to be the oddity that was Yythmaratch……

Session #19

The party was exhausted from their climb down the abyss and had found a small alcove to rest their bodies. The journey down to the bottom of the cliff would still take multiple hours and the climb itself had pushed their limits of endurance. Looking out across the land they noticed that all color was lost as varying shades of gray coated the sky, rocks and lights. A feeling of emptiness was pervasive, the luster of the world gone for this new foreign land. They characters built a fire yet could feel no warmth from it’s flames. Troubled or not, they sat down to take their rest.

The party took shifts keeping watch through the night. On the final shift, Bardolph saw a black fog in the distance. Slowly it continually came closer and closer. He awoke the rest of the party and they began to quickly descend the cliffs. Hurriedly, they repelled downward, taking risks on their way nearly causing them to fall to their demise. All of them were able to escape the fog narrowly as it crashed into the cliff above. Horrific screams could be heard from inside the concentrated black. On the ground, they party rested for a short period longer.

No more than an hour passed when a horseless carriage began to encroach upon the party. Some of the party hid while others headed toward the oddity. The carriage stopped and out stepped what appeared to be a noble family. They informed the party they were heading to the city of Yythmaratch. The party decided to join them and head to the town. Talking with the people, they found inconsistencies in their reasoning and manor of their speech. Even so, they sensed no hostility and continued toward Yythmaratch. They entered the city and exited the carriage.

The city carried an air of absence. Noise and people appear non existence. The party headed towards an inn where they found a sole individual manning the counter. He answered the parties questions but showed no interest in the conversation. He informed the party of the guild hall in a subsection of the city. They party headed in that direction.

At the guild hall they found it almost empty, exception being to a single dwarf within it’s halls. Again, the resident seemed abnormal as the others before him. The party decided to look at the job board, but found no way to actually read any of the odd letterings upon the posted parchments. Confused and worried, the party decided to head towards the city’s center, where the rulers stayed. On thier way they found a dwarf huddled down with parts of his body evaporating from him.

The party talked to him and heard that he was one of the lost miners that went into the mines. He rambled oddities but in his hand had a piece of paper on it. A single word written “Torso”. The party took the miner with them, to where this person was expected to be.

In the back allies of the area they found a building without markings. Inside there was a cloaked figuring crouching. Kallista walked forward attempting to greet the person. A hand quickly stretched out and grabbed the tieflings arm. Joto reflexively fired off several arrows. A fight broke out. The figure itself unravelled into a strange amalgamation of arms and bones. A maw of teeth appearing on it’s chest. Continually it grew in size and attacked the party.


Eventually it was brought down by Blazadon’s axe. Not sure what was going on the party confronted the miner. He seemed to be out of sorts with what had transpired. Kallista shot him with a bolt of magical energy and Joto took the mans life. Bardolph looked visibly disturbed by the sight.

Session #18
Into the Abyss

The large creature pounced on top of Fey, slamming her to the ground and tearing away at her tiger form. She quickly disengaged from the beast and moved away from it. The creature then pounced on Kallista, again slamming a member to the floor and slashing at her. The beast seamed to have a way of detecting the party in spite of the massive amount of invisibility that was given to everyone. Joto began letting loose multiple arrows, piecing its hide. Bardolf rushed towards it while Kallista retreated away from him. Bardolf and Joto engaged the creature while Fey began healing her friend. The battle continued on with Kallista firing bolts of energy, Joto letting loose arrows, and Bardolf attacking with his hammer. They finally were able to conquer the beast as Fey summoned an orb of fire burning away what little health it had left.

The party took a short rest while Joto began harvesting parts of the creature, a Bulette. He was able to successfully harvest the creatures massive hide armor. The shell was massive and large, requiring him to make a sled from his gear. After a small period of time, the party continued on through the tunnels.

On their travels, they ran into a dead end with broken clay pots. Admist the rubble, they happened to find a completely intact vase. The vase had a carving that showed a great door, a figure sitting upon a throne, and creatures within a black darkness. The party stowed the object and continued on.

Continuing down the dizzying array of halls, they happened upon a tunnel much larger in scale in comparison to everything else they had encountered. They continued for a large distance in its direction until they found themselves in front of another cavern containing over 50 different holes within its walls. Remembering their earlier encounter, they decided to proceed with caution. In doing so, they became alerted as they heard familiar skittering noises beginning to echo from within the tunnels. Quickly, the party retreated to find another route.

They continued onward down a dizzying path of tunnels until finally finding themselves standing over a large abyss over 300 feet wide. With their dark vision they were unable to see how see how deep it went. As they were about to go back, they began to hear the scraping claws of a creature heading in their direction. Not wanting to test their luck, they decided to climb down into the cavernous depths. Looking up, they saw two basalisks eyes starting down at them, although they were unaffected by it’s gaze. Not wanting to test themselves against the creature, the continued downward.

They climbed for multiple hours, hoping to find the bottom. In doing so they felt themselves pass beyond what felt like a threshold into a different domain. A freezing coldness hit their souls as the entered. Even still they continued down. As they did they finally found the bottom. Below them some hundreds to thousands of feet was a city encased in a small glow. The abyss was opened up in the large ceiling. There was no obvious way to get down to the city from exiting the large opening. The party was able to find a ledge that would support them. They headed there to recover from their climbing exhausting and devise a way down to the city below….

Session #17
We just want to rest....

The glowing eyes of the large creature began to exit the tall chamber. A large insect looking creature with large mandibles began to exit out of the opening. Kallista and Joto attacked from a distance while the rest of the party prepared to fight. In an attempt to stop the creatures progression, Kallista began closing the tunnels, only to find the creature tunneling through. A line of acid sprayed from its mouth hitting the party. 3 more creatures showed up as well. A hard fought battle continued eventually leaving the hero’s the victory, albeit, exhausted from there engagement.

The party moved out form the cavern and caused a cave in. At this time they decided to take a long rest at their location. Sitting down for a restful sleep they left Kallista’s familar on guard. No more than 20 minutes after the encounter, the familiar warned the party about hearing creatures behind the caved in wall. The party quickly got up and moved away from the area without receiving the much needed rest.

They debated on continuing forward into the mines or if they should attempt to go back into an enclosed area to make camp. After some debate, they began to press forward. Traveling deeper into the caverns, they found a somewhat enclosed area that they felt would provide cover. Once again they decided to camp for the night. Once again, creatures began to appear.

This time 3 humanoid creatures appeared brandishing armor and weapons. They caught the party mostly asleep if not for Kallista’s attempt to warn everyone of the incoming danger. Bardolf and Blazadon found themselves awoken in a vulnerable state without their armor. Bardolf quickly downed a potion of invisibility while Kallista ran forward and attempted to parley with the creatures. She was met with deception and attacked, grappled to the ground. Fey quickly changed into an elk and charged the creatures, goring one with its horns. Blazadon rushed headlong into the frey with a frenzy, obliterating the creature holding Kallista down. Joto began to fire volleys of arrows at the one in armor, badly wounding it. The creature quickly turned and began running away. Blazadon and Joto began to chase the creature. Blazadon couldn’t quite keep up with it but Jot closed the distance. Letting loose a powerful arrow, he shot it through the heart. Collapsing it to the ground. Bardolf ran up to it attempting to spare it’s life through magic. Unforutunately it was too far gone.

The party looted the corpses and found coins with strange markings. They also found a set of half plate armor and a greatsword. Once again the party decided to take the time to rest. This time with Kallista staying awake while others rested. The party went through the night without any more creatures coming at the door. Feeling rejuvenated, they decided to go forward into the depths of the mines.

On their travels they came across a fairly large room. Inside was a large monstrosity. Deciding to take the chance for the advantage, they devised a plan to attack the creature. Using a mix between invisibility and stealth, they slowly progressed towards the creature. Bardolf and Fey both became invisible while Joto snuck back behind the rocks for getting a better shot. Fey transformed to a tiger and slowly began sneaking towards the creature. As she moved closer the Monster stood up. The party stopped and looked at it. Instantly, it pounced, jumping ontop of Fey….

Session #16
Thats a lot of holes

Kallista, Bardolf, and Joto were faced with glowing yellow eyes as the basilisk emerged from the hole. Those that were unable to avert there gaze were met with a feeling of petrification creeping over them. They were locked into a death battle between themselves and the mystical creature. As things began to grow dire, Fey and Blazadon emerged from the doors. The fight continued on with the party being victorious! However, Joto and Blazadon both turned to stone from the creatures gaze. Through alchemic skill and ability, Kallista was able to siphon a cure from the basilisks remains, reviving her two comrades.

With the party now recovered, the entered the underground caverns the creature came from. They found a maze like structure within the depth of the earth, the terrain itself feeling hollowed out and jagged. With the use of Kallista’s familiar, the party was able to scout the area ahead of them. They found tracks of different creatures moving around the passages and were able to find several creatures clad in armor. Not wanting to engage, the party decided to move forward while keeping their distance. This continued until they found a path that appeared to have been somewhat caved in. Kallista let forth several blasts of eldritch energy that cleared their path but also alerted the creatures within the caverns.

Not wanting to engage, the parties quickly moved forward through the cave, going deeper within its depths. They traveled in both ascending and descending caverns. Making a huge circle, they made their way back to the entrance of the cave. Choosing a different route, they moved forward. As they continued searching, they came to an open room. There they found a large room but one that held 25 large holes all across the halls. Not wanting to take chances. Kallista began firing off blasts of energy to close the holes. She managed to close 10 holes before unknown sounds of monsters began to emit from the holes.

Session #15
Mine or dungeon?

The party decided to spend the night in the hidden ruins of Norris’s Home. Awaking the next morning, they had found that Blazadon had once again left during the middle of the night. With multiple hours apart between him and the rest of the group. They decided to retrieve their horses from Amora’s house and head for Tesonero. After 2 days ride they found themselves at “Stonebase”. The entrance to the mountains.

The party left their horses at the mountains base as they would have problems in the rocky terrain and proceeded forward on foot. Joto’s attuned nature to the mountains allowed the group to progress faster than normal. They encountered upon several inn’s where they learned more information about the dungeon. A new mine was opened up against the kings orders and the workers were doing their all to keep it a secret.

Continuing on, the party was able to make its way into Tesonero. Their first priority of business was to deliver the message from Amora to her friend Biden. The group found his estate and were welcomed in without issue. Biden was happy to receive a letter from Amora and inquired about the parties business in Tesonero. Bardolf was upfront about looking for the dungeon and wanted to know more. Biden had connections as to locating the mine and was able to call for a worker, Jahkell, to lead them to the mine itself.

The party found the mine a days travel away from Tesonero. The secretly met with the foreman in order to inquire about entry. Workers were guarding the entrance to the mines, both from fear of the mine being discovered and that everyone who had entered so far no longer returned. A fear of a curse was on about the mines. The party convinced the foreman would distract his fellow workers while the party, sneakily, made it’s way around back.

As the party climbed across the caverns walls, bardolf slipped and fell from the rocks to the ground. The miners heard the crash and came running at the dwarf, yelling at him to stop. Kallista used her magic to shake and rumble sounds across the cavern, stopping the dwarves momentarily in their tracks. The hesitation was enough for everyone to quickly break through and get into the mine.

Inside they found a large square room without any new passage ways. A moments attempt at investigation allowed them to find what appeared to be a trapped door of sorts. As they pushed in the door they were met with a pair of glowing eyes. Kallista and Joto were caught in their gaze and started feeling their bodies gradually turning to stone….

Sesssion #14
I want to go through that door!

After defeating the armored constructs the party became at ease. The moment quickly faded however as Joto started to talking to air, then quickly informed the party he must leave. He told the rest of the party to continue on without him. Kallista and Bardolf were trying debated on trying to chase after the ranger, until Blazadon came walking down the stairs. The two went to greet the barbarian, but found him without his wits and covered in blood. On asking him where he had been and what he had been doing, Blazadon could only draw a blank. An unsettling feeling of lost time was weighing on his psyche. Kallista and Bardolf explained the situation to him the best they could. Blazadon wished to leave but gave way to his parties intentions.

As they ventured on, they found themselves in a room with a pot of succulent smelling soup. Kallista fearlessly took a bite and found it delicious. She however found herself incapable of stopping as she went back for more and more. Bardolf and Blazadon made several attempts before successfully restraining Kallista from eating any more of the concoction. After a few moments, she came to her senses.

In another room, they found several beds and chests. They inspected the chests and it activated a pair of flying swords to attack. The fight lasted a few moments before the party was able to successfully destroy the magically enchanted blades. Going back to the chest they found a piece of paper reading. “Taro, keep out of my stuff”. Puzzled by what the parchment was about they kept it and continued on.

They found themselves in a chamber with a large pool of water. On interacting with the pool, members of the party were grasped by the liquid and pulled into the water that now seemed as if it was alive. Blazadon and Bardolf took turns attacking, getting pulled in, helping each other out of the water, and then repeating the process. Kallista called upon her fey powers to send bolts of eldritch energy into the creature. After several intense rounds, the water completely stopped moving, and the creature was no more.

The party continued on finding a large stone door. They opened it to find a wide variety of books and an intricate map of jewels on its surface. Kallista made quick work of the jewels cutting each one out and putting it into her palm. Bardolf spent his time looking at books and stumbled on one that expanded his mind. Reading the books caused his intellect to reach no heights. The party then turned their attention to a wooden door within the room. Looking at the door a message appeared “Cracked, made, told, and played”.

The party puzzled over what the words meant for some time. Kallista read through book after book in the room trying to find semblance to no avail. Bardolf attempted to commune with his deity and think of any and all historical event this message could have come from. Blazadon spooled through his parties collective efforts until he finally came to some insight to the answer. Bardolf quickly went to the door and told it a joke, causing the doors to open and reveal a half elven wizard named Norris.

Norris was overjoyed to be free. He informed the party that he had been stuck in this room for the past 40 years. Norris had fallen in love with a fey and his advances were less than well recieved. The fey locked Norris in the room and took his spellbook. If not for his ring of sustenance, he surely would have died.

Norris informed the party all he could and was thankful for his release. He was; however, disheartened to see parts of his house destroyed and the adventurers holding some of the items. He was willing to put it behind him however and was eager to go back to the outside world. He offered to allow the party to come and go as they please and gave them a ring that could be used to communicate with him. Without much else said, he took back the gems from kallista, put it in the map, and teleported away.

Session #13
There are stones everywhere!

As the twister formed our heroes sprung into action. Joto and Kallista prepared themselves atop a hill while Fey and Bardolf fearlessly approached it head on. In a jolt, the twister began racing towards them. The party prepared for battle but Kallista’s familiar spied a creature within the vast vortex. Kallista relayed the information to everyone and ran down to meet up with Fey. They began to beseech the wind performing a ceremonious act of praise. As this happened, the twister began to die down revealing a white weasel holding a pair of scythes. A chipmunk and squirrel came up beside him, the trio introduced themselves as Hue, Dew and Lou; creatures from the Feywild. The party conversed but then they decided to leave for Rozario, but not before giving the party a pair of nuts as a way to meet again in the future.

The party continued on their journey, witnessing merchants, fisherman and more of Phodetero’s landscape. One night after making camp near a river, the awoke to find Blazadon missing. Joto and Fey’s superior tracking abilities led them to a forest. Fey transformed into a tiger and they continued off road leaving the horses behind. The trail was becoming cold however as it seemed like they were loosing ground. Fey decided to head out on her own as she could move swifter in her animal form.

Fey, Joto, and Kallista were going to head back to the horses until Kallista’s familiar spied a smoke bloom off in the distance. After investigating, they found a cabin with a Tiefling child with a human mother and a tiefling father. The family invited them to stay for dinner where they learned that the Woman was no commoner, she was Amora Hand, a former fighter master of the adventurers guild. She gave advice on how to find manticores and and encouragement to the others. The party left but not before receiving a cloak from Amora and a message to give to a dwarven friend in Tesonero.

The party returned to the horses and began making preparations for camp. As they started the fire, the book in Bardolfs back began to glow. Opening the book he was greeted by a skull bathed in green flames. A heavy voice emitted from the skulls mouth. In a frantic hurry it began asking the party for help. It said its name was Norris and that he needed help! He was in some stone ruins in the north of the forest and they needed to tap an igneous stone 3 times on a table! Before the skull could continue talking, it vanished in a puff of smoke. The party quickly packed up their belongings and headed back to Amora’s house. She informed them of ruins to the northeast.

The party left her with the horses and quickly traveled in the direction she pointed. They found the structure and ventured inside. Kallista frantically began collecting armfuls of stones giving them to Bardolf. After several minutes of randomly grabbing rocks, the party decided to venture further to found a table with 3 stones on its surface. After some deliberation, Bardolf’s keen dwarven senses led him to the correct type of Rock. Tapping the stone 3 times, stairs opened up in the depths below. Bardolf and the others ventured into its depths and found a checkered room with tapestries covering the walls. The party went to leave the room and two suits of armor came to life! After an exchange of blows, they destroyed the animate armor. They set themselves to high alert and prepared tosearch the secret lair further….

Session #12
That's Racist

The adventures set out on their journey. They traveled along the main winding path to Tesonero. During their fist night making camp, they noticed a huge storm overhead. As they decided on who would take shifts to go to sleep, they found it impossible to sleep with the crashing thunder above. As they peered closer, they noticed that it was actually thunder elementals that were shifting in and out of cloudy sky. Blazadon fashioned earplugs of hemp as was able to drown out the noise. Fey concentrated hard and entered into a meditative trance. Kallista used her magic to force everyone but Joto to sleep as the ranger refused to not keep watch during the night.

The morning broke with everyone feeling rested except the Tabaxi warrior. They continued on for several miles until they found a town separated by a chasm on two separate crags. On the northern crag they witnessed men jump from its highest peek only to extend their cape and begin gliding down to the ground.

Joto desperately wanted to find lodging from missing his sleep and went to the inn. The party was met with an innkeeper who showed an obvious disdain for Kallista and Blazadon which seemed to based on their race. Joto paid no mind and went to bed. The party was intrigued by the town and decided to exit the bar, but not before some men at the table threw insults at the Tiefling and Half Orc.

Bardolf could not stand his friends honor being smeared by the slanders and confronted the men. Words were exchanged, insults were thrown, and eventually a knife towards the tiefling. The party entered into a brawl with the 3 men, they appeared to be adventurers as well gifted in their own talents. The fight escalated from a brawl to an all at attack as the men began brandishing weapons. Fey transformed into a tiger and got one of them in her mouth but was gashed in the eye with a dagger.

The guards came through the door and the men spouted lies as to what happened and who started it. Bardolf attempted to reason with the guards but was beaten unconscious as they told him to be quiet. Joto was stabbed by the guards but the innkeeper came to his aid saying who was not part of it. The guards listened to the story, but were more convinced by the 3 men’s lies than the rest of the party. Blazadon, Kallista, Fey and Bardolf were brought to jail to await their punishment as Joto was still free.

Awaiting in Jail, the adventurers questions what to do, if breaking out of the jail would be the best action. Fey knew a couple of spells that may be able to free them from their binds. After considering their choices, they decided to await the guards return. The guards came back with their report and found that the 3 men had fled the town and only had Joto’s and the innkeepers story to go by. With no one to argue against the party the guards let the party go with only a fine for the shattered items in the bar. The party decided to get Joto who was still at the inn and leave the town immediately.

Bardolf took this encounter exceptionally hard. His experiences outside of Jotalino were beginning to weigh on him as he remembered the encounter with the farmers and the encounter in this town. An anger was welling up inside of him as his good and honest deeds kept falling on deaf ears. Even with a loss as to what to do, he still continued on.

The party traveled a bit further, before deciding to camp for the night. As they began camp, and rest, they noticed a twister starting to form in the distance…..

Session #11
Has anyone seen someone in a hood?

Standing outside the Manor of recently killed Nero, the party contemplated what to do. They were able to stop quell the spirit for now but lacked answers as to what happened. Kallista attempted to get answers from the recently possed child, Mikel. After several attempts at prying, she had to stop seeing the 8 year old brake into tears. Igor came out of the manor and coddled the boy. The left the manor at the party’s urging.

The party went their separate ways to dutifully take care of different tasks. Kallista returned to the warlock guild to turn in the quest and get some answers. The warlock Master “Puck” was as quizzical in every manor and only provided the funds for completing the transaction. Bardolf sought out the paladin master Falure to check the premises. Falure found no trace of an evil pressence. Joto spent the next couple of days overseeing Igor and Mikel. He found Igor to be very attentive and Mikel to slowly come around. As he tracked them from the shadows, he noticed two cloaked figures appear more often than normal.

The party met back together at an inn. They discussed what the best course of action was to take. They needed to work on getting the brand’s off their necks but Joto’s information about the figures caused pause for concern. After some hefty debate, Bardolf got up and began shouting in the bar they were looking for some cloaked figures. The party quickly attempted to cover up Bardolfs loud demands and exited the bar. Outside, They settled on tracking Igor and Mikel to spy on the hooded figures.

Joto and the party followed the two as they traveled in carriage to various locations. He went to the adventurers guild, mayor’s office and thieves guild. While at the thieves guild the party encountered cloaked figures that attacked them. They didn’t appear to be the same hooded men as before. As quickly as the party was attacked, the assailants vanished. Needing to ensure Mikel’s and Igors safety, the party decided to forego stealth and contacted Igor. He informed Igor of the figures and advised him to obtain gaurds and launch an investigation.

The party met back at the bar and decided what course of action was best to take. With no obvious leads, they decided to head towards the mountains towards Tesonero where a newly discovered dungeon was uncovered. The party purchased some horses and set out for the dwarven mountains.


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